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Security of Funds

Fully Regulated and independent transactions done by licensed PSPs, banks, and regulated Brokers, with top Tier-1 bank insurance cover against hacking, fraud, and staff errors.

Account Diversification.

You can invest in different markets with the same portfolio and trading account. All-in-one transaction.

Multiple Trading Platform

Manage your trades from any device including smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablet.

Openness & Fairness

Trade transparency in its entirety, including spreads, pip values, performance fees, management fees, and swaps. Your account is completely separate from everyone else's, with comprehensive account segregation.

Up to $3 Trillion in liquidity access

We are not alone; we are linked to a network of highly regulated Prime Brokers and Liquidity Providers throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. with a monthly trading volume of more than $2 trillion. read more

Institutional Trading

The majority of our clients are B2B and high-net-worth individuals. And only experienced and qualified traders execute orders. This allows for a high possibility of profit. We trade on several trading floors, including regulated exchanges. In addition, leverage accounts range from 1.300 to 1.50.

Why CCI is a trusted trading firm

With our extensive knowledge of the worldwide market and other instruments like oil and gas, commodities, precious metals, Algro commodities, CFDs, indices, and others, we provide prospective clients with a competitive advantage that they will not find elsewhere.

Experience more than Trading

We are a private institutional trading firm, Registered in St. Vincent under the Financial Services Authority. We are not a financial institution and do not offer a retail trading..

Fintech Trading Through Digital Innovation.

Connecting You to the global market through hybrid, innovative technology. Providing the best trading experience to B2B and B2C clients.

Dedicated Team of experienced hybrid traders.

Only seasoned professionals and skilled traders are accepted, which boosts profit, lowers trading risk, and helps client build wealth.

All-in-one Market Floor and Liquidity

We establish relationships with leading business figures in the oil and gas, commodities, and other sectors. integrating our technology with aggregate liquidities.

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