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How it works

How it works

Unlike full-service brokerages, we do not compete with our clients. We constantly assess the markets in which we operate to ensure that we conduct business in line with our strategy.
A choice was made internally by our organisation not to provide retail trading for aspiring traders; however, as a firm that appreciates all our clients' needs, we will continue to educate our retail traders to the best of our ability.

To provide the finest trading experience, limit losses, and increase profits as a firm, we work with our clients rather than against them. However, some clients do not match our strategy. Wholesale clients (high-net-worth individual and companies) who we believe can align business plans with ours are currently suitable for our services.
For Institutional trading, (also known as B2B), we charge a portion of earnings as performance fees and management fees. Management fees are like swap fees on the retail level because they are charged based on the amount of trading done. We charge performance fees based on the profit made; we do not charge for losses.

Only approved traders or experienced traders are allowed.
To make sure we archived exceptional trading performance, we only allowed experienced and professional traders to execute orders; however, this does not give you total freedom from losses. All traders allowed are experienced traders with years of proven track records who trade with real money. We also constantly give them guidance to make sure full compliance is followed.

Before we approve any trader, he or she must go through a strict auditing process to make sure their performance level is maintained. Only after the full auditing process is completed can we authorise them to execute; there is no conflict of interest because they are not in any way connected to our client.

How we On-board Client.
We take our clients through a KYC eligibility process based on their level of experience and objectives. Not all clients are allowed to be registered with us; we strongly recommend clients with a reasonable source of income, such as a high-net-worth client, and experience in the industry in which we operate. We also take them through our educational series. Any client who does not meet our eligibility criteria is rejected.

A limited power of attorney is necessary when you register with us, as is a mandatory KYC and risk closure agreement. After reviewing your application, our compliance team will send you an acceptance email or letter if you meet our client eligibility requirements. We will also send you an email or letter rejecting the opportunity to work with us. If you do not meet our client eligibility standard, we will inform you of our decision in a timely manner. Before taking on a new client, we look at a variety of factors, such as their degree of experience, financial resources, and investing goals.

For us, trading is a high-risk activity, so we pay attention when on-boarding new clients. Each client bears its own risk because there is no joint risk. In neither case do we combine your money with that of another client, nor do we add your funds to our own fund. Under no circumstances will our company be liable to any client for their losses or damage caused by investing in CFDs and FX trading. We strongly recommend our client read our risk disclosure agreement.

How we make Executions.
Our clients have the option of requesting execution at a specific price or allowing us to execute orders at the current market price. Executions can be carried out either manually or automatically. If a client account order is opened, the client can request that the order be closed or reopened based on the client's description. Each account is traded for a set amount of time; the default duration is 12 months, but profits can be taken at any moment. Deposits can also be made at any time. A client may have multiple accounts.

Operations, funds, and security
All trades and executions are handled by CCI Trading Limited, a firm incorporated in St. Vincent and the Grenadines with the Financial Services Commission. The firm does not hold client funds or participate in financial transactions involving money in your account.

Fund: All monies and transactions are processed through third-party payment service providers and placed directly into our LPS, ensuring that our traders' funds are secure. We provide you with fair and ethical trading methods that you can be proud of.
Each of our client funds is separated; we do not add another client fund to another client (such as an investment pool). Every client can access their trading histories from their monitor room, and trading risk is diversified based on account level and market risk.

More inquiries can be directed to our compliance department.


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