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Our services is specially dedicated for those who want to earn in online Forex and commodities trade, but due to time, and lack of technical knowledge could not do so.

Before you open a trading contract with us, take note of the following;

1. You will need to have instaforex  trading account. (Not bonus account or Demo account) This account is a multipurpose account, it can trade all the trading instruments the broker offers, including crude oil products.

2. Fund the account ( With our recommended link). Update the account details on your profile with us.

3. And open a trading account. (We trade mostly on crude oil using Instaforex platform. Instaforex also offer currencies trading services and other instruments.

We trade for only instaforex clients especially those accounts opened  from our website.
To send a request to us is called "Open a Contract" You can specified the instrument to trade for you or currency pairs to trade for you, position to take for you, ( buy or Sell) or request us to take any possible position for you.

The duration may be daily, weekly and monthly. When you send a request for us to trade for you on a day , (daily ) contract , our contract with you ends only in one day unless if the trade runs till the next day. This system applied to all trade durations.

Our Portfolio Management

For investment to be successful, it requires huge capita and good trading knowledge. Not many people can pull out huge amount of money needed for an investment and few persons can boast of having good trading knowledge. We decided to make earning easier and profitable for all by providing an unending opportunity to earn as much as you can in our direct portfolio