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Automated trading

We launched an Automated Trading platform, powered by Avatrade, around the end of 2023, with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the trading process to analyse market data, find investment ideas, develop portfolios, and make a profit. The advantage of using automated trading platforms is that they can execute many orders at the same time, and artificial intelligence in trading has transformed the financial industry, making it more efficient and effective. AI trading has grown in prominence in recent years, with many traders and investors using it to improve their trading techniques.

How does automated trading work?

AI trading entails the use of computers and machine learning techniques to evaluate massive volumes of data and find market patterns and trends. This technology helps traders to make informed market-data-driven judgements, lowering the risk of human error and enhancing trade accuracy.

AI trading can also assist traders in identifying chances that traditional trading methods may have overlooked, resulting in bigger earnings. We have evaluated a range of various AI trading tools as a trading firm to help our clients' accounts perform better in their trades.

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