• XAUUSD 1478.81
  • GBPUSD 1.3191
  • EURUSD 1.1159
  • USDJPY 109.59
  • USDCAD 1.3172
  • USDCHF 0.9776
  • AUDUSD 0.67064
  • GBPJPY 141.91

Connecting you to the Global regulated Spot Market through Hybrid innovative technology. Trade real gold bars, have them delivered to you or stored in you a bank vault. Access our Gold card.

Using our cutting-edge technology, you may trade on spot for deliverable gold and gain access to many futures/spot and regulated exchanges around the world. The effectiveness of a novel alternative to the merging of trade with a real gold deposit linked to the global market price of gold

Unlike fiat currencies, gold has shown to be less responsive to price reductions and naturally resistant to inflation. You may spend, trade, and invest in real gold on the global market while protecting your life assets.

  • You can take delivery of this gold, or have it stored in any bank vault within the market and region in which we operate.
  • Your gold spot execution will be initiated through your local broker and under your nearby exchange, which you can easily access.
  • You can sell gold at any time through an organised and regulated market; you do not have to look for a buyer or seller.
  • Our Gold Bank/Treasuries across the world, you can access any of the Gold and can easily check your gold balance anywhere, anytime.