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Avaliable Courses.

Advance Trading Courses

We'll explain how commodities, cryptocurrency, equities, and financial products are related and provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel in financial markets. We are excited to provide a choice of online study options, blended learning, and dedicated access to all market floors to analyse their daily and weekly patterns. This is your second step to the world of trading.  Buy Courses

Introduction to Fintech and Trading

Introduction to Financial Markets and Trading is a beginner's trading course. Learners will be introduced to the world of trading and will have the option of studying online through live interactive sessions or in person on our trading floor in central London. We begin with a beginner's guide to financial markets and work our way up. The programme then examines a typical trading day before providing an overview of fundamental and technical analysis, as well as a review of macroeconomic data releases. We investigate trading psychology and the effects it can have on trading performance. Buy Courses

Crypto Trading courses.

This course combines theoretical and practical aspects of cryptocurrency trading and is intended to assist individuals who want to trade cryptocurrencies in real life. The course begins with an introduction to the history of crypto, followed by an explanation of the structure and method of investing in the crypto realm. It then goes on to explain how cryptos work and what to look out for in order to make informed investing decisions while managing risks at all times. There will be detailed worked examples throughout the course to explain how cryptos may be traded in real life and in real time, and delegates will be given access to a crypto trading platform to actively engage in these trading sessions. Buy Courses