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We provide an edge which could not be found anywhere else to aspiring traders and investors with in-depth oil market analysis.
Many investors desire to make profit at the market floor but could not realize this, due to lack of proper knowledge of how the market operates some due to lack of training. CCI traders are your best solution. Try us today and see the reason why thousands of investors subscribe to our services. Open an instaforex live account, Fund your account and register your account with us.
Today, oil is the world’s most traded raw material. Oil deals are performed almost on all trading floors. Operations with CFDs on oil and its products are executed on all commodity exchanges, including the largest ones in New York, London, and Singapore.


What factors determine oil prices?
Oil price depends on a lot of geopolitical factors and reflects market participants’ sentiment. Countries, big companies, and traders can all be considered the players in the oil market.
For example: airline companies trade oil to hedge their risks for fuel price growth, whereas traders perform deals in order to make money from market fluctuations. Oil prices are conditioned by the same factors as the exchange rates of currencies, i.e. political developments, financial events, and even weather.
Oil CFDs
On the market (Online), oil CFDs are traded the same way as currency pairs, yet with a different leverage and margin level. One contract for delivery of a particular oil type corresponds to the price of 100 barrels of oil in the US dollars.
On Forex such contracts are called contracts for difference (CFD) and are classified as OTC financial instruments. They have an expiry date and all losses and gains are paid in cash.
Participants can trade the following types of crude oil online: heavy crude oil; light crude oil.
Moreover, sulfur level and oil density are also taken into account.
Oil futures.
Apart from CFDs, market participants also trade oil futures. Our broker (Instaforex) offers two types of contracts:
Brent Crude (light low-sulfur crude oil extracted from the North Sea);
WTI (lighter low-sulfur crude oil extracted in West Texas).
For your information, the #XBZ symbol stands for Brent futures contract.
The #CL symbol stands for WTI futures contract.
Moreover, it is possible to trade mini contracts of a standard futures under the ticker symbol of #CL — MINY Crude Oil (#QM). Follow the latest World Economy news and always keep yourself up-to-date with the oil market developments.

Our Portfolio Management

For investment to be successful, it requires huge capita and good trading knowledge. Not many people can pull out huge amount of money needed for an investment and few persons can boast of having good trading knowledge. We decided to make earning easier and profitable for all by providing an unending opportunity to earn as much as you can in our direct portfolio.

Our Mission

To provide quality training to aspiring traders and investors on online crude oil and commodities trade.
To also satisfy our clients by making reasonable returns on their investment with best risk management.